Reflections 2012-13

Exploring the relationship between Islamic tradition of art and contemporary art. Tradition is like a lifestyle might seem

to belong to the distant past but it’s also the result of people’s experience that we should learn from.

In this project I was inspired by Mashrabiya which is a wood layer used to cover windows of public face of buildings and traditional Arabic houses, these screens allow women to look to the outside but no one can see them from outside. I wanted to focus on the importance of the appearance and presence of the eastern women through all eras, and how it has become wilder and more open.

This next illustration is inspired by Islamic decorated carpets.I added the Islamic greeting “al salam alaykom – alaykom al salam” in order to draw attention to the symmetry in the greeting, and the meaning of it which is: 'peace'.
These words have a deep and peaceful sense and meaning, and they allow me to create a gentle connection between the picture and the viewer.


Materials: Frame, glass, transparent paper and lights.
Dimensions: 100X130 cm

I think it's all about taking traditional thoughts and images and re-presenting them again in contemporary way by breaking the rules and using the new generation of thoughts, visuals and materials. It's the interaction of modern vision and liberal way of thinking with restricted rules of the past.