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2020 - Ongoing project

Thirty by thirty centimeters is the space available to political prisoners in Syrian jails.

In overcrowded cells, often more than 50 people are trapped. They sleep in shifts.

A tiny space remains for sitting and eating.

In this performance, the artist recreates the conditions of detention in Syrian prisons. Based on interviews with former detainees, she criticizes the systematic torture and the practice of "making opponents of the regime disappear", which continues to this day. 

Are we really free to decide how big our personal space is?

In the apparently boundary-free but highly surveilled world of the internet, how much personal space we still have? 

Razan Sabbagh

Photo: Charlotte Spiegelfeld, Goethe Institute Paris, 2021

Razan Sabbagh

Photo: Maiar Al Arksosi, Hamburg, 2021

Razan Sabbagh

Photo: Abdul Rahman Mousa, Berlin in front of the Weltzeituhr, 2020

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