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How do you look..

Performance, 25 mins

E-Haus, Rundgang, HBKsaar, 2022

Serving as a continuation of the video performance titled "Keep an Eye on You,"the artist sought to challenge and confront the biased and discriminatory portrayal of suffering in some Western media through a live performance.

In a minimalist setting, Sabbagh sat at a table filled with blue eye lenses, while a magnifying glass served as both a mirror and a barrier between her and the audience. Despite the act of looking at each other's eyes, the presence of the magnifying glass hindered true visual connection, challenging the conventional notions of gaze and communication.

In an act of continuous repetition, she attempted to insert the eye lenses into her own eyes. The repeti-tive nature of her actions deconstructed the functional aspect of the eye, exposing it as an object subjected to societal expectations and standards of appear-ance. The act of inserting the blue eye lenses, whether interpreted as an attempt to look better, see better, or be looked at in a better way, highlighted the interplay between appearance, perception, and identity. 

The performance invited the public to observe this intimate process, challenging their assumptions about the relationship between how we look and how we are seen and the influence of media in shaping these perceptions.


Photos: Ahmad Alirksosi, Eric Lanz

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