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For me, for them

Performance, 1 Hour

Ausstellungshalle 1A, Frankfurt, 2022

The artist begins by introducing a mattress, a symbol of comfort, intimacy, and domesticity. However, within the context of this performance, the mattress takes on multiple meanings. It becomes a metaphorical space that encapsulates the experiences of women who have been confined, silenced, or marginalized within the traditional constructs of home.

Through the captivating interplay of the mattress, pomegranate, and sharp steel sticks, the artist questions whether the concept of home truly provides solace or inadvertently perpetuates a sense of exile, and challenges patriarchal norms, reclaiming the female body and voice from the confines of traditional expectations.

Screen Shot 2022-06-12 at 21.15.25.png

Photos: Stefan Maaß

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