Razan Sabbagh born in Damascus 1988. Graduated from the Faculty of fine arts/ Damascus University in 2011 with an honor degree. She has established her own design studio in 2010 working on her own design and illustration style. During that time she has done 2 illustration books. Since 2013 she is based in Hamburg working as visual artist. The last 4 years her work has been effected and inspired by the situation in her Country Syria reflected from her own experience. Working on a collection called „The journy“ which expresses hers, as many other syrian‘s life and how it has changed the last 5 years. She has participated in many Exhibition around the world like: (Damascus, Beirut, Sharjah, Hamburg, Cologne, Jubail, Oslo). She is working recently as well on an art Performance project which has already Performed in Kampnagel-Hamburg and in Oslo.


2011 Bachelor Degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts; Damascus University, Syria.


* Collective Exhibition 'In Between'. / (Postel Gallery Hamburg 2019)

* Art Performance at Thalia Theater. (Hamburg 2019)

* Art Performance 'CIRCLE SOZIALE'. (Hamburg 2018)

* Art Performance at Fusion Festival. (Hamburg 2018)

* Art Performance for Mushabak nights (Berlin 2018)

* Collective Exhibition 'Where ART you from'/ (Baku Gallery Berlin 2018)
* Collective Exhibition 'fliegende Teppich'. / (Cologne 2017)

Collective Exhibition at Millerntorgallery. / (Maastricht 2017)

* Art Performance at Kunsthaus. (Cologne 2017)

* Collective Exhibition 'Im Ausland' Mom art space. / (Hamburg 2017)

* Collective Exhibition 250 Jahre HFBK. / (Hamburg 2017)

* Collective Exhibition 'Utopia' at Millerntorgallery. / (Hamburg 2017)

* Collective Exhibition 'Meet the Syrians'. / (Amsterdam 2017)

* Art drawing Performance at Kampnagel. /(Hamburg 2017) 

* Art Performance at Ingensteds. / (Oslo 2016)

* Art Performance at Kulturelles Stadtteilzentrum. / (Hamburg 2016)

* Collective Exhibition at Kampnagel. / (Hamburg 2016)

* Collective Exhibition at Kulturbunker Gallery. / (cologne 2016)

* Collective Exhibition at Bürgerzentrum. / (cologne 2016)

* Collective Exhibition at Alte Feuerwache. / (cologne 2016)

* live drawing show at Hamburg University / (Hamburg 2015)

* live drawing show  at Metropolis-Kino / (Hamburg 2014)            

* Collective Exhibition at Millerntor Gallery  / (Hamburg 2014) 

* Collective Exhibition at Sarjah Art Museum. / (Sharjah 2013)

* Collective Exhibition at creative centre. / (Jubail 2013)

* Collective Exhibition at the  National Museum of Damascus. / (Damascus 2010) 

* Collective Exhibition at Fine Arts University of Damascus.  / (Damascus 2009) 

* Collective Exhibition at Haddath Campus.  / Beirut 2009) 

* Collective Exhibition at blood donation center of Damascus. / (Damascus 2009)                    

( under sponsorship of number of artists and Was opened by the minister of higher education ).

* Collective Exhibition at Dutch Cultural Center  / (Damascus 2008)                       

( under sponsorship of the Artist ‘Tu De Fyter’ )


Selected Participation

Contemporary Islamic Art workshop at Sharjah University with the artist Babak kazimi. / (Sharjah 2013)

Jameel prize workshop. / (By the National Museum in Damascus and V&A Museum in London 2012).

ECOME’ - cultural exchanges in the medilerranean. / (Beirut 2009)

"Acrylics paintings" with Dutch artists, NIASD ( Netherlands Institute for Academic Studies). / (Damascus 2008)



Contemporary Islamic Art Museum / Sharjah



Al Quds Al Araby



Elephant Magazine



Alitihad Magazine

Al Yaum