Razan Sabbagh is a Syrian artist based in Hamburg whose artwork frequently revolves around exploring the relationship between art and activism. Her work mostly consists of performance pieces that use a direct physical confrontation with the audience to make a political point. She is interested in the intersection of politics, space, sound, and human rights violations and in the sonic domain as a political power.


2020 -         HBK, Academy of Arts, Saarbrücken, Master of Fine arts, by Prof. Andreas Öldorp and Prof. Eric Lanz.
2006-2011 Damascus University of fine Arts, Damascus, Bachelor of Art.


2021    SUTURE, Goethe Institut, Paris

2021    VON, BIS, AUS, Saarbrücken, Germany.

2021    RENDEZ-VOUS, DFG, Saarbrücken, Germany.

2021    GEHEN_BLEIBEN, HBK, by Prof. Eric Lanz and Prof. Mattias Winzen.

2021    VON WANN, BIS WANN?, Saarbrücken, Germany.
2020   STATE OF ART, Galerie Postel.

2020   ABSENCE, Berlin, Germany.
2019    IN BETWEEN, Galerie Postel, Hamburg, Germany.

2018   Where ART you from, Baku Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2017    Fliegende Teppich, Cologne, Germany

2017   Millerntorgallery #1, Maastricht, Niederland 

2017   Im Ausland, Mom art space, Hamburg, Germany

2017   250 Jahre HFBK, Hamburg, Germany

2017   Meet the Syrian, Amsetrdam, Niederland

2016   Still Alive, Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany

2016   What am I doing here?, Kulturbunker Gallery, Cologne, Germany

2014   Millerntorgallery #4, Hamburg, Germany

2013   Contemporary Islamic Festival, Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah, UAE

2010   Jameel Prize, National Museum, Damascus,Syria

2009  Rundgang, Faculty of ne arts, Damascus, Syria

2009  ECUME, Haddath Campus, Beirut, Lebanon


2021    Tülüfülükülümülü #4, Thalia Theater, Hamburg, Germany

2021    30X30, MK&G Museum, Hamburg, Germany

2021     FUTURADIO, Hamburg, Germany.

2021    Behind the walls, Von_Bis_, Saarbrücken, Germany

2020  SMALL TALK, UDK Rundgang, Coculture, Berlin Germany

2020  Space, Mauerpfeife, Saarbrücken, Germany

2020  30x30, Public space, Berlin, Germany

2020  1 min between 2 stations, Public space, Berlin, Germany

2019   Baynatna, Dead-Line, Berlin, Germany

2019   ‘I’ performance, Bremen, Germany

2018   Gefangene des Schneckenhauses, Thalia Theater, Hamburg, Germany

2018   Entrance, Thalia Theater, Hamburg, Germany

2018   FUTURADIO, MuT Theater, Hamburg, Germany

2017   Ritual Circle, Kleiner Michel, Hamburg, Germany  

2017   What if, Fusion Festival, Germany

2016   White hole, Mushabak nights, Berlin, Germany

2016  Growing down, Knusthaus, Cologne, Germany

2016  Still Alive, Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany

2016  Syria Are.., Ingensteds, Oslo, Norway

2016  Utopia, Hamburg University, Hamburg, Germany

2015  You first, Metropolis-Kino, Hamburg, Germany


Contemporary Islamic Art Museum, Sharjah, Emirates


2013   Contemporary Islamic Art workshop at Sharjah University with the artist Babak Kazimi. Sharjah, Emirates

2012   Jameel prize workshop. / (By the National Museum in Damascus and V&A Museum in London), Damascus, Syria

2009  ECOME’ - cultural exchanges in the mediterranean, Beirut, Lebanon

2008 "Acrylics paintings" with Dutch artists, NIASD ( Netherlands Institute for Academic Studies). Damascus, Syria


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