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The illusion of truth

Deutsch Französische Garten

Saarbrücken, 2021



How can I take a deep breath, when the air is toxic?

When it’s poisoned by lies, manipulation, injustice, violence..

How can I breathe when I'm under the water? there is no air

I drowned, it’s over!


What shall I do with this knowledge?

What do I do with the knowledge that we make our lives by the death of others

It seems to be, that some of us have a brighter blood, gold and shiny,

And those are the ones who deserve to live. Right? 

How can I deal with this fact? Where shall I keep it? 


I feel guilty


In my lungs, I keep everything there

But you are the most precious one

And every time I breath

I tell the world about you

When I inhale, I tell them how beautiful you are

When I exhale, I tell them how ugly they are


I still feel guilty

But I still, breath for you

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