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One minute between two stations
Ongoing project/ Performance

I don’t believe in the Media, but do I believe in my self as a media?

The artist, in the role of a regular passenger, boards a train and deliberately chooses a seat to read a random article from a newspaper aloud. The act of reading aloud transforms the private act of consuming media into a public performance.

The artist intentionally alters the content of the newspaper article by changing the name of the country mentioned, thereby disrupting conventional narratives and opening up new possibilities for interpretation. This performance unfolds within the short duration of one minute, which corresponds to the time between two stops.

Within this brief  timeframe, the surrounding passenger unwittingly become participants in the performance, responding (or not responding) to the artist's actions. Their reactions, whether subtle or pronounced, add an unpredictable and interactive element to the project, further highlighting the complex dynamics between media, individuals, and public spaces.

By appropriating the role of the media and using public transportation as a platform for expression, the artist seeks to provoke thought, stimulate conversations, and elicit introspection about the nature of truth, representation, and the agency of the individual

Credit: Rajaai AlKoja

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