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Keep an eye on you

Video Performance, 12:00 mins



This video performance is a reaction to the biased and discriminatory way in which some Western media portray the suffering of some groups of people as more significant by citing their European appearance as a factor. It aims to challenge the viewer's perception of the function and purpose of the question: “How do I look?” in it's dual meaning, by featuring a close-up of Sabbagh's eye as she attempts to put green lenses on it, but repeatedly fails.

The repetitive act deconstructs the functionality of the eye and reveals it as an object. 

The questions raised about the purpose of the act - whether it is to look better, see better, or be looked at in a better way - challenge the viewer's assumptions about the relationship between appearance and perception.


The video performance raises broader questions about how we perceive and interact with the world around us and how our identity can be shaped by external factors such as media representation and social expectations.

Screen Shot 2023-01-20 at 12.10_edited.jpg

Installation view, Keep an eye on you, Werfen, HBK Galerie, Saarbrücken

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